Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wisco Weather ~First Snowfall

First snowfall and I ran outside like a little kid..I want to see, feel and taste the snow..I'm a weirdie like am ready for summer again...kidding,,,I like winter for a little bit, I appreciate the season changes in Wisco.
It makes me wish I went out for Starbucks treats everyday though...I mean look how happy I am when I have a Soy Creme Brulee Latte with whip...I am elated..this is the face of elation...I am cross eyed giddy and my insides are warm and fuzzy, but budget I must.

The weather was beautiful today...if you stayed inside...that wind, spine shivering cold I tell ya...but the clouds were gorgeous...I love me some clouds..sure do

I have a little cloud song for ya'll, to the tune of "Are you Sleeping"

Cirrus Cirrus Cirrus Cirrus
Way Up High In the Sky
Cumulus Are Fluffy
Cumulus Are Puffy
Stratus Low Stratus Low

..the more you know...

Welcome to Wisco Life...ain't nothing like it


  1. You look precious! I'm not a winter fan, I like the snow for seconds and then I'm ready for spring again!! But, I shall be brave this year!! Hope your having a great week x

  2. haha amazing photos xd you're so funny;)

  3. already snow? i can barely it see it on the photos.
    but yeah it seems like you really enjoyed the weather:)

  4. I love snow too!!! I wish there was snow where I live. Hope you enjoy it for the both of us!

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