Monday, November 12, 2012

Ethan Allen Trend Show

My girlfriend and I teamed up with Shana, the owner of Azure, for an Ethan Allen trend show. It was pretty cool. I would definitely do that again. I felt like I should have been paying to be there. Getting to hear the Ethan Allen designers give their opinions was pretty awesome and I was hanging onto every and tricks people...priceless.

Here are the models we dolled up for the event.

Supercute right! The last dress all the way to the right is Black Halo. It is so pretty.
I wish I could decorate like Ethan Allen...basically, I have way too much crap!   I had a garage sale last summer and even gave a TON to Goodwill...but, the little dude had a birthday and many new items have come into the household since we bought the house....ahhh, who am I kidding I am a hoarder...I save so much, because I use it again eventually, or at least that is how I justify it..hehe
Anywho, check out some of my favorite stuff from the Ethan Allen Trend Show
I would never leave this bed.

I love the gi-normous lamp on the end table and the lala
 Love the yellow accents in this room and the dog pillow...I don't know why but I dooo
 This bookcase is perfect...I would decorate and redecorate it books need a home and this looks like home.
Well, happy Monday friends!  Time for me to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and enjoy some Sex in the City until the little dude gets done with school...momma time!


  1. beautiful pictures

  2. Following you now:)))
    haha, i love writing ;p but my next post will be short;) amazing hair:))

  3. wow... great transformations!!! :)

  4. Lovely pics!!!!

  5. I love layered beds...and their curls look fab!
    xo Annie

  6. oh my! Amazing hair! Loved eveyrthing!!

  7. Amazing hairstyles, dear~!



  8. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! :)
    I follow you now on bloglovin!
    I can´t find your facebook page!! Let me know!! :)

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