Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday favorites ~Magical Times

Happy Friday friendships! 
It has been a nutty week.  My life has been a bit off schedule, but I embraced it and enjoyed so much.  Magic is in the air and the holidays are in our house.  Little dude is wearing his Santa hat daily now.  He says that we can skip Thanksgiving cause you don't get presents...then says "kidding, we get to see family" ...he was really close to getting the lecture of Family vs Presents...where Family is the Victor!  ..but he saved himself with the "kidding"..
Time for some Friday Favorites!
O How I love this face, I am not saying he is my favorite child, but he is in the top three :)
Favorite combo this week...
Noddles and Co. Pesto Cavatappi and Sriracha
O Dani girl :)  She is always one of my favorites :)

Favorite Large Truck..hehe
Christmas Trees!   Yay!
Chip Clips that look like sunnies...wah-hut?! Must have!!
Last but not least....
This maple record player from ruuuuulz!
Only $5000..haha...dream a little dream..
"If you believe. you receive"
:) ahaha, my sense of humor is scary today.


  1. amazing nails:) love x-mas, but family is most important not presents;)

  2. I so want to put my Christmas tree up but I'm going to wait until after Thanksgiving to put it up.

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