Monday, July 9, 2012

Love love love me some DMB

I had a great weekend.  Went to a concert with the loves in my was a hot one, but we still had fun!  We went to two Dave Matthews Band shows.  The first day we had lawn seats and it was pretty chill, the second day we were up close and center...just how I like it hehe. A lot of dancing, peeeeeerfect.

They ended the last show with a funky jam out to "Thank you for letting me be myself again". Gosh that was some fun.
Alpine Valley is a beautiful music venue and ski resort.  They do have a lack of restrooms and the hill on the lawn is pretty steep and with the lack of rain the grass was pretty pokey, but it is still a majestic site.
The prices are getting a bit outrageous though...I mean c'mon $13 for a beer, get a life.
We did spend the morning on the second day at the beach, the water was warm and just what we needed.  The shower area was a bit of a surprise, bird nests lined the overhang! crazy cool, but a wee bit freaky.

hehe, my friends are silly

Good times were had and the jam sessions were a blast. 
 Surrounded by friends and family was great, I can't wait to do it again next year.


  1. ahhh so jealous! i am all about the DMB :)

  2. This looks fun. I photographed DMB a few years back at Bonnaroo and it rocked.

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