Monday, July 16, 2012

Kickstarter ~ Frank

No matter how broke I am, I always give a little to a charity or donate to someone who is trying to start something fun.  Even if it is a band trying to make a life of doing what they love, I will buy a $5 CD, or even just a $1 button to contribute.  I feel like it all comes back around.  Spread the love.  Months ago I donated to a Kickstarter campaign.  When you donate, you usually get something from the group or person asking for the donations.  Well, I received my Frank in the mail the other day! So cute!
Frank is a wall hook. He is made from powdercoated steel and he screws into your wall just like a regular wall hook. Frank is three inches tall and three inches wide. His ears are just the right size for hanging things on.  I brought him to work right away to hang in my room.  Now my clients can hang their coat or purse or whatever.  I love the color!
Frank even has a lady in his life ahahaha!

The designer David Barry is right up my alley, I love how his brain works!


Q. What do you call a line of rabbits walking backwards?

A. A receding hareline.