Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three Three Five ~ Another amazing meal

Had another wonderful date night with my handsome man at Three Three Five.  I wish I could do this every week!
There was live music by the very talented and awesomely dressed Violet Lights and Cory Chisel.  Straight up gold unitard! yessss
.....then there was the food.....oh my husband I and ordered a lot and shared, we packed it in tight, it was so delish!  We basically just moan and smile at each other.  This food is like nothing else I have ever eaten.  We started with the Market Kale Chips.  Made with Olive oil and sea salt...yum
This was followed by Pine Nut Hummus.  Crispy flat bread with chive blossom and meyer lemon.  I am starting to crave this's so freakin good!
Next was the Kale brushetta, made with goat cheese, golden raisin and pine nuts.  I loved this, but my husband could not acquire the taste for the goat cheese.  I was fine eating his share..hehe
The white truffle grilled cheese is a favorite of both of ours.  The tomato jam on the inside is deeeeeeelightful.
We decided to give the polenta fried calamari a try....good decision...the thai chili on this was something I would put on everything I eat, sorcery I tell ya
This was the prettiest dessert I have ever eaten...seriously, art...It was also so fresh and light for being a pound cake dessert.
#2 dessert...yah there were three..we love our was basil soft serve with rhubarb jam, candied ginger, and pine nut brittle.  Basil soft serve! What! I know! I questioned it myself, but it was our waiters favorite and now one of mine..yay for trying new things!
The last and final part of our meal was the butterscotch bundino...heaven for the taste buds...salted caramel and whipped creme fraiche..layers of radness...yah we kinda fought a little over this one..ahaha


  1. oh. em. gee. first stop next time i'm in geebz. my mouth is watering!!!

    1. this food is amazing, only open wednesday nights though, unless a special event like music

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