Thursday, July 19, 2012

Music Festival ~ Riversedge Harriet Island, Minnesota

Another summer of music has begun! yay! My little gal pal and I took a road trip to Harriet Island for a weekend of music. 30 bands over 2 days and a few good meals, yah buddys..this was a homemade falafel, good stuff
Sippin brews and chillin on the lawn to some music.  The beers were 24 ounce cans for $10...and it was 90 degrees outside so the second half of the beer was always getting warm....yech
I could people watch for eva eva here....dreads for days on this little island.
I picked up a new lil toy for the family...a kalimba! made from wood and it
I got to meet the band Sublime! Their DJ is a Philippino, that was my in...wahoo
I mighta played with the band...hehe
Leaving the concert was like Fear Factor! OMG! Fishflies everywhere! I had to wrap my scarf around my head to keep my freak out to a minimum.
Day one over, time for day 2! We started with a delish meal at Patricks.  Patricks is an awesome place to eat and hangout...outdoor patio with beautiful plants and great music...Michael Jackson ya'll
Off to the festival, where there is...more dreads! yay! ahaha
The vendor shopping was great, wish I had more money to spend...and check out little hippie dude below the tiedye just playing away on his
In love with the teal strap bracelet...butterfly wings, so pretty! butterflies hurt, only natural death
Aqua ostrich = yessss

Silent words...maybe one...awesome
I got to see my favorite band...DMB...I mighta played with them also...front row baby!

Perfect way to end a musical adventure!


  1. looks fab...those flies are scary, I would have wrapped my head too x

  2. what a beautiful smiles. i love that!!!!

    thanks for your comment=)

  3. Hello dear,
    thanks for visiting by bloG!!
    i love this post
    great pics
    i love this colourful top

  4. My first large concert ever was Lallapalooza 94 on Harriet Island! It was like 110 degrees, and I got heat exhaustion for the first time. But I saw the Beastie Boys!! Glad they still use this venue.