Monday, June 11, 2012

Bellin Run and the amazing Breena!

Happy Monday Peoples!
I ran a lil 10k this weekend and I was luckily accompanied by my handsome son.  The boy got off of work last minute and wanted to join me for the run! yay! So, I woke him up nice and early...hehe, hence the yawny those moments caught in time! bahahaha
My niece also ran the race, so proud of her!  We stopped by to get our 2 free plants from the sponsor Schroeders Flowers, then we went out for a big family breakfast with my parents...perfect way to make your body do a complete shut down..straight up napped for 2 hours after this.
Now on to .....The amazing Breena!
Breena Wiederhoeft rulz.
An amazing graphic novel author and the gal that made my blog header has now done a project with Google.  Breena animated this video of radness! So cool right!

I get excited when people I know or even kind of know do something that they love, it makes me happy that people are happy...I'm a geekpie like that.