Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favorites ~ Dream Hair and Running

This is my dream hair! Everytime I see a girl with hair like this,  I am straight up in awe, it is like art!  The blunt short bangs are so asian...yesssssssss
So tomorrow is the Bellin Run, 6.2 miles...eezy peezy right....except it is going to be 90 out....yuck...I have been running for a couple of years now and am excited to run in the same race as my niece.  This will be her first run! yay!  I have mostly been doing solo training, which is a great time to sort out random thought.  But I loved when I trained with my homies for a half marathon that we did a couple of weeks ago.  I am trying to get as many long runs in as possible, but sometimes I am straight up lazzzzzzy.

This picture above of me going over the bridge is usually the moment when I want to jump over.  I despise the slow incline and wind on that bridge.
My little dude ran the Childrens 1/2 Mile Run today, we were so proud.  This is his second year running and he did it on his own this year.  He was beeming when he finished! Chuck full of stories of what the run was like, how he felt, and a play by play of the whole event....he is too cute I tell ya.

My motivation.....