Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Givenchy Resort / Pre-Spring 2013 and hair lust

The preview for the Givenchy Resort/Pre-Spring 2013 line has been previewed! Very Ineteresting!
I am totally diggin the fabric pattern choices and placement along with the signature arm slit of this line.....streamline! Then to break it up with the over sized belt....perfect! I would totally wear this, but I would smile..hehe
This outfit is so rockstar! LOVE the belt, shoes, and bag with it. It was a match made in fashion heaven.
This outfit makes me giggle.

I must be in need of change, I am completely overtaken by the rockabilly girl and guy hair lately.  I saw some good ones at a bicycle party I attended and at the farmers market last Wednesday ....I was living in hair envy.  The girls hair usually comes paired with skinny jeans and cheetah shoes or coat, a bandanna cleverly placed in the hair or used somewhere in the outfit, some cat sunglasses, and most likely cherry red lips.  The guys mix it up between, leather coats, plaid shirts, white t-shirts or tanks and washed out or very dark cuffed jeans. I must say I love it all!
This is a style from the Jeremy Scott 2012 fab and overdone...the eye makeup lines so harsh and the jewelry so minimal. I am obsessed with it. Probably because she is a blond and my hair will never look like that...dang dang
This Bottega Veneta mens collections makes me drool. The whole outfit is amazing! Hair and hands in the pockets are the perfect topper.
I kinda wish the culture in the US was a little more experimental like other countries.  For instance, in the Philippines and Japan it is like a step back in time where areas are flooded with kids who look and talk like "greasers". O so fun! I just need to corral some homies into it so we can start a movement! Yah buddies

These guys just break into dance every weekend at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo..I wanna go!


  1. wow Great
    i love your post and the pics HUMM

  2. Love this post and I am also obsessed with her hair, as mine will never look like that either! LOL! I love the first dress and the print on it! It is incredible! xx Pip

  3. Love this post! The Jeremy Scott's model's makeup and hair is gorgeous. But it's propably because she's blond and has light eyes, like you said. When I'm trying that, I'll look like I didn't know where makeup belongs lol

    Thanks for following me and for the lovely comment! I really appreciate it! I hope to see you back soon on my blog! :)