Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Fun- Rainbow Cake & Chicago fun!

Happy Monday Peoples!

Got back from Chicago this morning a little after 1AM. We had too much fun! Is there such a thing :) I am still not caught up on sleep, luckily  it is a lazy day off for me. Time to tackle the laundry, read a little bit, and play with all the fun stuff I bought....and I bought I tell ya...I am scared to look at the receipts and add it up...eeeeeek!
First of all, my AWESOME Zatchel purse I bought myself for my birthday month..hehe...came just in time to come to Chicago with me. So bright and sooooo cool!

Here are some snapshots of my weekend:
Friday was pretty lowkey, my kiddies and a friend made dinner and a rainbow cake, painted my nails,watched Twilight, made a goofy video and chit chatted.

This is what I woke up to Saturday beautiful

I had a full day of work, then we were off to the windy city!

 Killing time during long car rides is our specialty... Gas stations, dollar stores and pit stops, I mean that is what road trips are all about right...
It usually take 3 1/2 hours to get there, it took us over 6! ahaha!
We finally arrive! Time to hit the town and get our dance on.  

Sunday we went to the Hair Show. I love to people watch and these kinds of shows bring out all the artistic people. Amazing! Check out these claws! WHAT!
I think it is time for a hair change up for me, what should I do? hmmmm