Wednesday, March 7, 2012

StriVectin Review Week 1

So I purchased this little kit at the skin show in Chicago this weekend. The box says that I should see some results  within 8 weeks. I took some before photos, I am hoping the after photos look waaaaaay better! It is scary to look at myself with no makeup and age spots creepin in on me...eeeeeek! 35 is starting to show on my skin..ick...So I will give this a try and post the result in 8 weeks so we can compare. So far, I love the way it smells and the eye cream that is to be used under the eye area feels warm and active! yessssss!
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  1. Great, I hope it works!! Can't wait to see the results!! I need to get some good eye cream!! Have a great day! xx

  2. I hope this works and I´m curious about the result.

  3. nice, great review