Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites ~ Randomness

Happy Friday Everyone! Here are some of my favorites!

This dress is flippin is from oasap!
Totally my style.....LOVE! Also, after searching there site, realized I already loved so much of there stuff, but didn't know where it was from. Check out this post to see some of my other faves.
Classic Black Princess Dress with Lace Detailed

This is called an AppleBanana, they have them in Hawaii and they are the best thing on earth!
I want to drink from this every morning, it is too cool and would never wear down and get soggy like the paper cartons.

I love a man in uniform...even if it is a fake uniform..ahaha!
I want this for my iphone! how awesome right

The color of this dress, and her ginormous hair makes my knees weak
...And lastly, while visiting my grandma last weekend I came across some hilarious pictures of me, basically this is my 80's pose. My favorite Mary Lou Retton half shirt with a Miami Vice like blazer with aviators, and my totally 80's swimsuit complete with belt accessory and my oh so fly perm. bahaha! perfect
Have a great weekend everyone! I am going to the Midwest Hair/Skin show in Chicago this weekend with my homies, should be a blast!
Also, don't forget......The badBarbara/Sneakpeeq Giveaway ends Monday! So click here for details!
I would choose one of these if I were to win :)


  1. Those are marvelous, love the old pics of you, very sweet!! I would like that dress too!! xx

  2. Love the blog header! Awesome post... rad 80s style :p Please remove word verification! google has made it so annoying

    1. I am working on that, I don't really get how yet :/

  3. I think I figured it out! wa-hoo!

  4. These pictures are so beautiful and inspiring! That dress is a real stunner :) and I´d love to have an apple-banana one day :)

    Happy Monday!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls