Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kreativ Workshop

Last month, I turned 40!  Owow! It occurred to me that I needed to slow down and enjoy myself again.  Life is moving a lot faster then I thought it would.  It was essential for me to take a little time to reconnect with the things I love, surround myself with good energy, innovative people and be open to new adventures.  
Kreativ, a collective of three friends with grandiose ideas, decided to have a workshop.  This sounded like it was right up my alley, so I signed up without any hesitation.  It was a great decision.
The workshop was held at The Draw in Appleton, which is a building collaborative for inventive and inspiring people.  So cool!  I walked in the room to be greeted by friendly faces and this beautiful setup.

Sunny from Ebb and Flow arranged all of the flowers and greenery.  She did amazing obviously, like always!

I set down my things and took a gander around.  I looked out the window to see some pelicans fly into the water and gobble up some fish.  I was like woa, this is some way to start the day!
Others started to arrive, so I settled into my seat with some water, coffee and a granola bar.  Look at this lil table set up! So inviting, personal and beautiful.

First thing on the agenda, was to set the mood with a relaxing watercolor class taught by the talented Alyssa.  Listening to music, doing a mini dance session in my chair while painting was a perfect start.

Can you tell which plant isn't real? hehe
After painting, we did a little yoga, guided meditation, some education on blogging by Shaunae, and talks about being true to yourself in your business.  I believe this completely. 

To stand out, be yourself, there is only one of you in this life.

Business and financial education followed, which was my favorite part. Colleen has a heartfelt, realistic approach to business.  This was refreshing to see.  Factual, but with a soft side that makes you respect the decisions you make, because they make you respect yourself.  

Then, an Instagram contest..which I won a Jenna Kast Studios mug! They were looking for something different and I posted a photo with another attendee...yah buddies!

A bonus, Kreativ sent us home with a little swag bag full of cute goodies!

  This was a sweet group of women.  Everyone came in with great energy and a sense of community. I loved it all, I recommend it all, and I hope I can attend another session.

Oh yes, plus, since I was in Appleton, I had to stop by Happy know it!


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