Sunday, February 12, 2017

Avant ~ A Brush Lettering Workshop

Today was a fun day with kindred spirits! I was feeling the need to get out of the house and do something different and this class was perfect. Avant, a brush lettering workshop hosted by Mint and Lovely.  Brush lettering is a skill I have always wanted to learn, so today was the day to get with it.

I am always so annoyingly early, so I went over to Kavarna to get some of my favorite pasta salad and water to put in my gullet, this way I will not have to wrestle others for their macarons when I get hangry.

The doors finally open at The Backstage Meyer, which is a very inviting space with full windows and relaxing lighting, Sunday vibes galore.

I was greeted with familiar faces, friendly smiles, swag bags, and custom mugs with our names on them.  I was straight up giddy. 

Along with the swag we received, I brought my own..hehe...I was feeling like Spring in my Poppy Avenue lemon dress.

The macarons matched my new kicks..I mean c'mon, this shiz was meant to be #rosegolderrything

Ebb and Flow was there with table magic, Sunny never disappoints.

So everyone has to start somewhere when learning.  This was my first go at brush lettering.  These words are obvious, but a great reminder to get out of my head and make myself who I want to be.

I am also having surgery tomorrow, so I needed to occupy my anxious brain.