Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tacos taste better on Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday peoples!

 I am headed to Miami in 2 months...I need new hair!  I am thinking something that goes along with the Miami heat....I love big hair and perms hahaha, such an 80's baby I tell ya.  Here is some inspiration I came across..check it

I totally am thinking caramel is my logic...ahahha..if you can call it that...I am headed to Miami with 2 pals, one is a redhead and one is a obviously I need to be brown, black, or caramel right!  We are weirdies that way, that is why they are my homies...strange people intrigue me.

Taco Tuesday is favorite day of the week for friendships...Hinterland is where it is at yo!  Sundays are my favorite for children...snugglin...movies...jammies...or even tooling the town with the kiddies knowing I have no plan other than that..perfection.
 So hope you all have a great day! Peace my peeps

best white guy afro...hehe


  1. I love the top picture with colour in it, so cool :))) I hope you have a great time doll xx