Thursday, April 18, 2013

Danny Brown and Dante Hoagland - these kids rule

Happy Thursday peoples!

I just have to say that two of my favorite words in life are Danny and when my homie told me I had to check out this video by Danny Brown I knew magic was about to happen :)

Ok, I am calling this now....Dante Hoagland is going to be the shizzz one day! He is fly already, but believe me, there is more to come from this handsome little guy.  His face can light up anyones day!  
Check out this video from Danny Brown starring the next big thang Dante Hoagland!!!!

A TP scene! you know that is some Wisco debauchery!

Danny Brown
This guy has my Detroit homeboy, who is so fly, can flow, and has artistic talent like I have never seen.  He is so blunt and unfiltered when he speaks, it is so refreshing.

This is my pal and Detroit lovaaaa who introduced me to Danny Brown.  We literally stared at the computer watching video footage for many many hours.  Just can't get enough of that  Danny Brown!

Hope you all are having a great day!