Wednesday, February 13, 2013

love is in the air

Happy  wednesday friends!
 Today was a great day...there was a lot of love around me...and let me tell ya, it was just what I needed.
My homey bought me this amazing crackers and cheese that totally reminded me of the ritz and cheez whiz treats I used to make when I was younger.
My galpal is completely in love and her happiness is running rabid through my work  Haha...seriously, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much today. 
Look at my handsome dudes...I got to spend my evening with these two clever little cuties..melts my heart I tell ya.
Clients dropped of prezzies for my coworkers. .mpeople get so very nice during the season of love.

It Is one month until my birthday! Owow! I bought myself my first present! Oribe hair refresher ... it's amazing!!
 I love birthdays!
Anyhow, hope the rest of your week is grand!



  1. Happy Valentine's to you. Hehe. I buy myself stuff for birthday too. It's well-deserved.
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  2. Happy Valentine's day doll!! Lovely gift you got yourself!! And sweet faces here, so nice!! I loved the cheese n' cracker things as a child too :) Haha..the bear picture is awesome!! xx