Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites ~ Upgrading in life! wahoo!

appy Friday peoples!

Somebody peoples got a new car!!! Yayyy!  I was sad to see my rusty cash cow go, but it's time to move up! A shout out to my pops for loaning me the money and taking care of the boy stuff in life. Best dad. Eva. 
Time to say ba bye to some things I will and will not my brake light that is always on.. won't miss

The big ol dent in the back where i crashed into my daughters bffs car backing up to get McFlurries.. won't miss
My jack johnson sticker..will miss
The dinger In the front where a homey backed Into me, then stopped talking to me when I asked him to get It fixed..won't miss
My kokua sticker from my favorite concert ever In hawaii...ahhh.miss
My rbf and tbs stickers...missss
It was a great time while It lasted...on to bigger and meatier rides...yah buddies
Have a great weekend friends! Wisco Is supposed to get some rain...time to get out the gear...hehe

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