Monday, October 29, 2012

Oribe Education comes to K Sera!

My galpal and I decided to get creative last night ...and well... that turned into expensive trip to Wal-Mart...a lot of artsy fun stuff...a way too late McDonalds break...and then 2 cross eyed girls staring at a project that was no where near complete. ...goodnight...good morning..that's about how much sleep I got, felt like seconds.
But today was a new day and we were excited to have 2 educators from Oribe come to the salon! A focus on the deliberate use of products and the effects that they make....which are amazing..check it out!

This picture is my favorite...dreamy hair

So Awesome!  Let me tell ya I need some Oribe Rock Hard Gel STAT! The volume is so ....very very
So after Ashley, the educator, demonstrated these looks, the girls gathered up their models and started to play...this is when I got sad...
I don't do hair...booo
Although, I have been attending some of the best education around. It's crazy...I can not pass up watching creative people.
Our Oribe rep told me today that I was the most passionate person about Oribe that doesn't do hair that she has ever met...haha.
Well, I have been in LOVE with Oribe's work ever since the late 80's.

The hair here and Naomi's drawn on eyebrows captivate me

...his work defines periods in my life..that may sound weird, but if I see a photo of his work I get a rush of feelings and memories..I was infatuated with his talent, and obviously still am.  I loved going to the grocery store with my parents so I could sit in the magazine isle and soak it all in...I may or may not have torn out my favorite photos..I admit nothing hehe
So, I shake off the "i don't get to play hair" negativity and do what I yo...hehe
Chilly weather here in the midwest so I had hat, gloves and NorthFace ready to go.I wanted to wear a dress, so I warmed it up with leggings and some boots.
Also...I am wearing this vintage necklace that I adore...maybe because it reminds me of candy or maybe of fruit cake..not that I like fruit cake, but I like the Holidays..ahaha

 Happy Monday!



  1. Aww!!! Love this hair!!!

  2. ı love your hair dear thnak u for your comment of my blog kisses

  3. Es un pelo de ensueño. Saludos desde

  4. Such a pretty hair transformation and I love your outfit. Adorable layering.
    xo Annie

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