Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Green Bay is in full Autumn mode

My little dude and I have been taking a lot of walks around our new neighborhood and enjoying the magical colors of mother nature . Green Bay is truly a beautiful place to live. This is my favorite short, but adored while it's here.
This tree is my absolute so red and so so rad!
With all of these very old trees in our yard, it has become a squirrel playground. There are so many tooling about all day long. We decided to get some peanuts and help the little buggers stock up for the brutal Wisco winter. The squirrels get so excited they run around the trees like maniacs as we sit and watch the madness. This is my kind of entertainment.
My hubby started a project with the lil guy the other day. He gave him a box to decorate to put by the fireplace for the kindling and paper to get the fires started. The little guy was pumped, just like me..he loves a fun project. In addition to the lovely stickers he was covering the box with, we decided to add some silk leaves we picked up at a rummage sale for 50 cents!  It is turning out pretty cute.
In other news, I visited my friend Mike last night and he let me borrow for 1 week this amazing gold/black reversible jacket that his mother made. It is so radical! He will not give, sell, or will it to me, but I am allowed to have a week visit..wahoo! I will take what I can get. It just so happened to match the gold and black top I was wearing and the gold and black necklace also...meant to be...I think so. This picture is super fuzz cause it was getting dark out...I am totally a cheddar ball of happiness.

also, I kinda want this cool right!


  1. I love Fall, the leaves are wonderful :)) Squirrels are precious, I like to leave them out things too :) The art work is grand, he did a top job on it, I love children and crafts, letting them be creative, they take it so serious, love it. And this is quite a rad jacket, you look marvellous and I love the look of sheer happiness you have from wearing it, haha. Precious xx

  2. I love watching the leave change colors.

  3. Whoa! Awesome bike. So interesting. The autumn colors sure do look beautiful.
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  4. Great bonding and that bike is awesome lol:)


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