Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites ~ Fashion and Fall Decorating

 One more day of work for me then two days of lazy..yah buddies! Yay! It's Friday! 
 Here are some of the things I came across this week that caught my eye.
These pants are sooooo perfect! dreamy
Decorating for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving makes me cozy...Life as a thrifter is one of my favorite blogs...she is amazing and I want to be in her brain for a day and take notes.
A pumpkin made of mason jar lids and cinnamon sticks! so cool
This is my fireplace that I decorated for Halloween...still have to carve the panels for the lantern pumpkin, but didn't want to do it too soon and have a sad soggy pumpkin.
..and last but not least is Sandra Hagelstam from London. She can do no wrong in my eyes. She is a caddy for her pro golfer boyfriend by day and a fashionista by night. Simply amazing!
My dad emailed this to me, kinda describes me pretty accurately...hehe, the never ending search for keys, phone, and water glass..welcome to my life.


  1. The checked pants are awesome!