Thursday, June 21, 2012

Restaurant Review ~ Hagemeister Park

I met up with my friends for lunch at the new hot spot in town.  It is a restaurant by the name of Hagemeister Park.  I have a feeling that this place is going to be a hit.  It is located right on the water, has an outdoor bar and an excellent lounging area.  The decor is based around the Packers back in the day.  I love the over sized photos in sepia tone.
There are a lot of options at the bar which is always nice.
The old school light bulbs are a great touch to the ambiance.
There is outdoor seating to dine and also a couple of super cozy lounge areas with fire pits....sweet...  An outdoor bar is also available to customers.  Fresh air and a yes..please

My girlfriend and both ordered a lunch and split it...then you get to taste a couple of things in one trip..yah buddies
I ordered the Meister Burger which was pretty scrumdillyumpscious! Homemade chips were fab!

My girlfriend ordered the Chicken Pesto which was meh...not bad, but just didn't stand out.  The service was not world class that's for sure. They have some kinks to work out.  Like, if someone asks for a side salad and it's not on your menu, don't say no, say it would be our pleasure.  Also, don't say"I think we can do that for you"...just say absolutely and make it work out.  Service means a lot to me and to other in the service industry.
They have the dyson air blade dryer in the bathroom, dang that thing dries your hair fast!
Glamourous I tell ya


  1. haha so cool! I love those hand driers! I recently went to a bathroom that had one of those and literally stayed there for like 5 mins just playing with the air!

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