Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A muse and music

Going to see live music with homies is one of my faves in homies playing music together...even better!... makes my heart so happy and my feet too! A dancing fool I tell ya! I love it!
These boys were playing at the Sardine Can, which has walls that actually move to make more room when the place gets busy.  Since they were playing outside, the party shuts down at 10pm....boooo...hisssss...  So then we were off to an open mic up the road for some debauchery.
This is my homie Matty from the Muddy Udders, he is rocking a Suicide Machines shirt and his grandfathers hat, which he told me he has many more of.....back ups.....yah buddy
These guys are some of my favorite people/musicians and they were jamming out together...bliss I tell ya
Check out my friend Ben's shoelaces...heart

Farmers Market Day! yehaw! and Family Night at the YMCA!
If I could just fit a teeny tiny nap in...dangit

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  1. awww naps!!! cant remember when i last had one of those!! lol :)