Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review ~ Quaker Oatmeal Squares

BzzAgent Review:

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Review ~ Quaker Oatmeal Squares
My initial impression when I looked at the cover of the box was "shredded wheat!...noooooooo!". I mean c'mon it looks like shredded wheat to me.  So, I open the box and my husband quickly shoves his hand in and says "mmmm, these are good". I was like yah right, shredded wheat to me tastes dry and like straw, then sometimes they put the powder sugar on top or the frosting...bleh...doesn't help with the flavor for me. I need something to drink immediately to help with my parched mouth.
Well, lookey lookey, this is a different story. These little tasty treats are healthy and delish! They are actually crunchy and not shredded wheaty at all...yay!.  I had two bowls, seriously, it is yummy stuff.  Whole grains and delicious...yessss, new breakfast favorite for sure!
So the big test is trying it out on the finicky little dude.  He is very particular about texture and flavors. He was hesitant because he has never tried it before...the results.......
Little dude approves! Well that always rulz. He actually wanted another bowl with some peanut butter toast before bed.
Happy dude, happy mama.


  1. I love these . I actually buy them all the time :)

  2. aw he is so cute

  3. These look yummy! I'm usually the most un-adventurous cereal eater in the world, but if they're kid-friendly, I'll probably like them:)