Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Handmade kinda day

Started my day with a snuggle.  My husband rarely has a day off where it isn't jam packed with errands and favors or side work to do, but he decided to put it all on hold for the morning..yay! We both have our fair share of running around to do, but to enjoy the morning and an early lunch together means a lot. 
 Then it was get crap done time!
After a little of errand running I had a ton of online business to do...bill paying, renewing, registering and research...ugh...time consuming and I brought myself to the local coffee shop and hot spot for vegetarians Kavarna to bust out all my computer stuff and enjoy a soy mocha...and a cookie :)
 Then more running around,,,,visited my injured friend, did some wheelin and dealin to get stuff for the new job, voted, and checked with my homey on the progress of my vintage bike excited! Also,  it was Tuesday so I had to go visit my peeps and enjoy my favorite fish taco in the world.
I only got is soooo hard to get just one by the way, they are delightful.
So I rushed home and my husband was giving me the sad face, no snuggle time in the near future..too much work to do...boooo!
 I decided to call my dear friend B and catch up on life.  We dive sooo deep in conversation, I live for it...she is truly a kindred spirit from the moment I met her.  Also, she had the cutest purse that her girlfriend made.  You know I had to take pictures. It is a great purse! The color, pattern, and hand braided leather with! I could wear this with a lot.
My friend B's dad also makes leather wallets, they are AMAZING! Talk about details!  Hand stamped and bound..Every time she whips this badboy out I want to steal it, it is that cool.
Take a looky looky!
So awesome right!? I want one STAT!
I hope you all have a great day, 1/2 way to the weekend! yah buddy


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  1. these are the best kind of days. starting with snuggles and everything else that follows... including those tacos!