Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Girls Night Out ~ Door County

My sister, who is pregnant with her third girl needed some adult time, so her friend and I joined her for a Door County Adventure! This is my favorite place for adventures :)
First stop was the Bayside for a pre-party party cocktail for the non pregnant peoples, then next door to Mr. Helsinkis in Fish Creek for a snacky snack.
The fondue was OK, but the crab cakes were delish! Especially with the wasabi sauce, it was very light and fresh tasting.
Then, of course, a little Door County sunset photo op.
Then we headed over to a winery and distillery called Bistro 42 in Carlsville.  My sister ordered dessert, and her friend and I ordered some wine :) This place is awesome! We decided we are going to take advantage of their balcony seating this summer.  We will dress in maxi dresses and large derby hats and get silly on wine during the day...fabulous!

We finished  the evening by heading to the cinema in Sturgeon Bay to watch The Lucky One starring the most handsome leading man Zac Efron. Seriously, he is so beautiful, yet manly that you find yourself sighing because you have been holding your breathe so long because he is so dang breathtaking..for realz...that man is stunning.  It is a great movie, a little bit of war and love.  It is a good movie to take a man to , because it might give him some pointers on how to step it up! haha... My man does a very good job at being dreamy, but there is always room for a little more romance right ladies......O to be wooed, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

The leading lady in the movie, Taylor Shilling snagged herself a hottie. They have to be dating. Who holds a girl like this unless she is your girl right.

Dang he looks fly, love a man in a nice fitting suit, and those socks...yesssss....also, just loving the ladies face on the right..a lot .ahahaa


  1. 1. He looks good.
    2. Love the foddie pix.
    3. Love your bracelet!

    Last but not least, HI!


    ICY Cindy

  2. i love those pics great bloG!!!!
    I have already followed you on GFC#199 and bloglovin#34
    hope you follow back
    i feature blogs if you are interested let me knoW!!!
    keep in touch

  3. You are so talented!I love crafts and what you did to the salon stations,just fabulous!