Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites ~ Broken Glass Project

We are busy bees lately at K Sera` Salon and Spa getting all of our projects finished  so we can open the doors! 

This piece was the inspiration for the art project we did on the top of the salon stations.
Here is what you may need and how we went about this:
1.Caffeine (optional of course)

2. A homie to hang out with. This makes projects way more entertaining and you get more accomplished.

3.  A cheap mirror, a brick, pair of gloves......and maybe a tough look on your face...haha
4. This is the fun part.....destroy!
5. Sandpaper.....we had the glass custom cut to fit the tops of the stations, so we needed to buff the sharp edges.
6. Start gluing the pieces on!....we used industrial adhesive that you can purchase at any craft can also talk on the phone while doing this project...multi-tasking right right
7. Next comes the grout....side note, it is best to wipe off excess grout about 20 minutes after applying, not 3 days, otherwise you get sore arms from scrubbing with all your might..ooops
8. Painting drawers! The all wood drawers weren't cutting it, so they were painted a beautiful teal....these are to die for!
9. Wala! Put it all together! ...another piece of glass is fitted over the top of the project so it has a smooth surface to work with....awesomeness...we are proud :)
Everything we are doing lately is a project...hahaha.. We see some potential in something and make it what we want.  It is really a learning experience, and super fun to see the more to come!!! Happy Friday!


  1. This looks so good, well done!! :)

  2. i have always loved the look of broken glass, great job hun

  3. This looks dangerously fun! They turned out really cool too maybe I can con my bf into doing this with me one day.


  4. This looks like such a fun project!! I love your interesting and refreshing! xoxo


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