Monday, March 12, 2012

Yum ~ Weekend Foodie

Happy Monday!
I had a great weekend. A really great friend got married and we had a early birthday celebration for for me. ye haw!
My hubby and I also had our 7th Anniversary loveydovey photo shoot. It was so much fun, I can't wait to share the pictures. Sometimes I can be pretty awkward in front of the camera, but this was a pretty easy and fun shoot. I sang along and listened to him play me the guitar and ukulele for the first hour, then the rest of the shoot was being goofy and canoodling. Goofy and canoodling with my man.....easy! Then, after a great day of photos, we went out for an early birthday dinner. My guy went to the bathroom to wash his hands after dinner and told them it was my birthday, so my cheesecake came with a candle in's the little things I tell ya.

My daughter has been making some delish salads lately, and lucky me...she made one for me...soooooo good!
We also made some really good chicken wraps.  Trying to stay with the healthier way of life lately, and it is tasting good!

Today I had to get my annual blood work done, which means I have been fasting since dinner popcorn during our cuddle movie last cereal before wakey wakey eggs and bacey...I hungry.  At least my bandaid looks cool and matches my purse....boom shakalaka!

My goal today is to read more of the second book in the Hunger Games weird, gory at times, sweet yet it sucks me right in.

I stayed up late this weekend and went to the casino with some friends, only lost $11, not bad for a couple of hours of entertainment.  I sware I am still playing catch up on my sleep...this is how I feel today...not drunk....but able to fall asleep anywhere in these positions..ahaha..I am part Irish, so this is an ok joke people :)