Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feelin' the Birthday Love

Wednesday Already! Wuh
So yesterday was my birthday....and let me tells twas a good one.
 I started the day with a Starbucks Passion fruit Tea...yum...not only that..I started with some good karma. I paid for my drink and paid for the person behind me.  Spreading the Birthday Love..yah buddy
I brought some treats to work for my birthday. Sausage and mozzarella baked into some delicious bread...mmm.mmm.mmm

I got to work and everyone sang me Happy sweet. That's always my favorite song on my birthday..ahaha
After work it was dinner with good friends...

.......and presents! Who doesn't like presents, find me this person

coolest card, random patch blingy hat and headbands...awesome!

cute owl coin purse that opens at the top and a rad picture frame! love!
We stayed up way to late and had so much fun....I vaguely remember this...O birthdays, but once a year
I love it when birthdays extend to the next day....yessssssssssss
My momma made some chocolate pineapple oreo upside down cake and some pancit, sooooo  I pigged out when I woke up....hehe

....then more presents!!!!!!!Boom shakalaka!
I feel so lucky, loved and blessed. Yay Birthdays!


  1. Happy birthday Barbara! Looks like you had an awesome birthday!

    The Lovely Memoir

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  3. Happy Birthday wishes to you, love the pictures!! xx

  4. happy belated birthday, take a shot for me ;-)

  5. Oooh, fun and i love Starbucks passion frut tea, my fav! Happy Birthday!