Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Sprung Wednesday

Spring has Sprung in Wisconsin! YAY!
My tulips  have started to pop up, so excited for warmer weather. Also, St. Patricks Day is right around the corner. My daughter made some yummy treats for a school fundraiser and we got to eat the remaining shamrocks....I seriously could eat these all day, the flavor never gets old to me, dangerous
Spring means color! Wisconsin basically looks muddy and messy right now, pumped for some fresh greenery and flowers.
Just thought I would share this, got it at the dollar store..$1!
 yah buddy! I will have to settle for this kind of color until mother nature brings some to me :)
 I had a work meeting this morning and we celebrated my birthday, it is in 6 days! woo-hoo! We celebrate with food....yum....veggie pizza, hummus pizza, chip and dip, and some macadamia nut delish...I decided to hit the road and run 2 miles so I felt a little better about indulging like a birthday beast..ahaha

 I had a couple of minutes before I had to run my errands and pick up the 3 kiddies, so I busted out the's been awhile...much needed me time...relaxed with some off key singing to Bob Marley, then off to be a responsible momma.
This is what my photos look like since I dropped my phone in toilet at work....nice



  1. Back pocket, toilet drop, been there, ha! Seriously, veggie pizza and hummus, some of my favs', yumm! Happy early birthday!

  2. Hooray to spring! Now it needs to make its way out west to Seattle.