Thursday, March 1, 2012

Love Mail - Random lovelies

Check out this air plant I received in the mail last week! It is from Mudpuppy. So easy to take care of, and it looks rad. Just soak for about 20 minutes once a week...boom ...done.

Far Fetched has so many random things, it may take me 50 years to get everything on my wishlist.  I ordered this cheese shredder for my husband for our anniversary, but it came a day late. It still rules though! I also got an Atari look-a-like controller that is actually just a gum dish...AND....Fortune Gumballs featuring random comments about your future, I love it!

 Why do i love such random things? ahaha! Also, I need to get some of that skully packing tape! how cool


  1. Lol I love random gag gifts too! I think this perfect website for me to find a present for my little brother! Thanks Barbara!


  2. Haha...I love random things..these are great!! I want the skull tape too :)) xx

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