Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ha Ha Ha hump day

My husband and I are celebrating our 7th Anniversary tomorrow! So excited! I went shopping to get my hubby some prezzies and what do you know....I found a couple of little things for me :) go figure! All 3 of these lovely purses for $19..boom shakalaka!
When I arrived at work yesterday this yummy cake pop was waiting for me in my room! Aw! Love my friend, so sweet....literally...hehe...I wish I didn't know where this came from..dang u Starbucks for making such delicious treats!
After work I went out to my usual Taco Tues, yah buddy! It rulz so hard! I have been going there on Tuesdays for about 3 years now and the staff have really become my homies...they even gave me a complimentary dessert last night after my was so freakin amazing! They have skills I tell ya, rich yet light and flaky die!

Chocolate Pistachio Silk....holla!

I also had a fantastic conversation about restoring an old the color Aqua! So pumped about this! I figure my birthday is coming , so I have to do a couple of awesome things for myself right! That is what the grandmas want me to do with the birthday money, not stuff! Thank you grandmas! Muah!

...and lastly, I got this fortune yesterday
 All I have to say is YESSSSSSSSSSSS! finally...hehe

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  1. yummy ! CONGRATS on your anniversary ;-)

  2. Those cake pops look delicious!!! Congratulations on the anniversary! I just found you, I will be checking out your adds and sponsors every time I comment. Have a beautiful day!!

  3. OMG - can I have some of that chocolate silk please! yummy!

    Stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I am your newest follower. Please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it, thanks!

  4. wow..good for you! happy anniversary....and what a great fortune!!

  5. Ohhh, happy anniversary!! I hope it's fantastic!

  6. Congrats!! Best wishes for you and your hubby!

    I have a blog award for you

  7. Happy 7th anniversary!!! =)The cake pop and cake look soo yummy!

  8. My hubby is addicted to those cake pops!! Happy anniversary!

  9. happy anniversary!!! cake pops are so cute! i havent tried them yet which is a good thing i know i will get addicted to them!

    The Ugly Moments

  10. i have award for you

  11. Thanks so much for following my blog- I am returning the favor and following you back... Happy Anniversary!

  12. Great post!! Happy belated anniversary:)

  13. Happy Anniversary!