Monday, February 27, 2012

Anniversary Celebrations

For our 7th Anniversary, my husband and I went to dinner at the delicious Republic Chophouse. The atmosphere, service and food were perfect.

We started with fresh bread with an assortment of butters.

Round 2 : Salad, brushetta, and tomato bisque soup

Main Course: Cowboy Steak, King Crab and Garlic Mashers...yummy

Vanilla ice cream, coffee and creme brulee...yup... this put us over the edge!

Present time!

 My hubby has some skillz! I never know what to expect. I love it so much! This spike diamond and white gold ring he made is absolutely gorgeous! Check out some other of his rad creations here. The evening was absolutly perfect. I can't believe we have been together for a total of 12 years...When we reminisce about how we have grown so much closer, it brings tears to our eyes...gosh i love this man.

Happy Monday! I am taking down all the lovey dovey stuff and putting up St. Patricks Day decorations..woohoo!..then...making a cute project with the little dude today, so excited!

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  1. happy i do day!! very nice photos

  2. Congrats!! Glad you had a good time. :)

  3. The food looks out of this world! I would love to have a bite of everything:D Contrats on your anniversary. I'll be getting married this year and can't wait to celebrate our first. New follower to your blog and love your space on the web.


  4. Your food looks sooooooo good! That ice-cream is speaking to me right now. Happy anniversary!
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  5. Happy anniversary. Sounds like a lovely celebration!