Wednesday, December 28, 2011

OK, I found this photo of cheeseburger wrapping paper on Pinterest and I fell in love with it! I am always falling in love with strange things, this is true.  So I check out the website where this loverly photo came from,  This website is based on companies asking for donations to start their awesome projects. I am not rich or wealthy, actually, I am more of a paycheck to paycheck kind of girl, but after receiving some generous tips from my spa clients yesterday I decided to share the love. Gift Couture is trying to start a wrapping paper company made from their original photos, awesome idea right!  Only $5 to help this cool idea along, and I get a roll of paper also, might be a burger, might be a bun, who knows! I just enjoy helping when I can.  This is also what I did with my generous tips :) Best $8 decision of my day.

Vanilla crème brûlèebourbon cherries, molasses cookie $8