Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Favorites ~ Post Road Vintage

I am in LOVE! I ordered the Lil Shabby White Soap Dispenser from Post Road Vintage for my shabby chic girlfriend who is getting married New Years Eve. It is so fabulous! It arrived in 2 days. So fast right. I also ordered a mason jar dispenser for myself, it is super cool. They arrived beautifully wrapped and ready to be given as a gift.  There was a hand written thank you note from the artist Heather. That is such a great personal touch.  I was not sure which one was my friends and which one was mine so I sent Heather an email asking if she knew, she responded so quickly! It is so great to have good customer service, I live for it.  It justifies spending my hard earned money.  She created an experience through her product, personal touch, sincerity, and service. I could not be more pleased. I am not able to go to my girlfriends wedding, so I gave her the gift today. She loved it and had to know where I got it, she was taking photos of it on her phone to share with her fiance :) The gift of giving, i luv it!

Some other pretties from Post Road Vintage

She has the most fabulous romantic flava in her house. It is to die for!


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  3. Those look really great!

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  5. these are so cute! I love good home decor :)

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  7. Wow did you decorate your own home? You have such amazing taste!
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  8. Omg. They are so niiiiice! I would love to have those home decorations. They are to die for.

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  9. Cee Cee I did buy one for my house also! I had to! It is so awesome!

  10. They are so cute!!
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