Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Favorites ~ Cool stuff I came across this week

This is the cutest coat I have ever seen! Found it on Pinterest, but the origin is unknown....go figure!

Love these nails, little present from Tiffany's ,,,,,hint hint

Speaking of Tiffany's, this is at the top of my list

Door coffee table, yes please

Quick change up if needed

Happy Friday everyone!
I am going to see Twilight tonight!...Finally! My sister and niece will be joining me at the theatre in 2 hours! woo-hoo! Then in the morning, we will be having Breakfast with 6 year old Georgie is a firm believer in Santa...I say "if you believe, you receive!" This is the reason why my 17 and 16 year old still get presents from Santa...and me too! yes! Hopefully, we will be headed to the cute town of DePere for a little shopping and cocoa after that, it sounds delightful to me. Sunday is going to be photo shoot fun in the a.m., then some Packer kick butt time! Yah buddy


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