Friday, February 6, 2015

Trending Now~ Pixel Hair

Happy Friday friends!
What do you think about Pixelated Hair?
I Love love LOVE this trend! Fun hair rulz
It reminds me of Tetris...and I love me some Tetris.

Have a safe and relaxing weekend y'all! I am headed to the new SpongeBob movie with my handsome little guy, then we are going to check out this doggie....he is a doll! I hope we get along good and no one has adopted him already.

Cheers to the weekend and my big hair! Yay!


  1. The pixel hair is quite cool :) Love your curls as well, so cute :) Hope you have a sweet weekend doll xx

  2. what a cool trend, I'm loving it too! and your hair are amazing!!!!! :)

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