Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nails on FLEEK

Hello peoples!
So, I have noticed that the pointy nails have been on trend for a little over two years now.  I have been wondering when this would change and what the next new thing would be.  Well well well has gone completely opposite...FLARED NAILS...hahaha...oh trendy trendy how you amuse me.

Check out this flare yo!

I'm just here, doing the regular short, round nail...booo....welcome to my esthetician life.  Sanitary is better than fashion right!?
Nail polish:  Smith&Cult Birdienumnum with Teen Cage Riot

What's next!?  This would probably trend in Green Bay..hehe..Go Pack Go!


  1. The cheese nails had me rolling! I love your nails. I keep mines short too, because they're easier for me to keep clean lol.

    The Lovely Memoir

  2. Flared nails? What?! They look awkward.
    I like the colour of your nails! A nice wintery colour.
    HAHA cheese nails!! x
    Maria's Adventures

    1. Flared nails had me questioning fashion as well, then again so did the pointy at first! I thought this lady at a hair show in Chicago was some kind of demon with them hahaha…now it's totally normal. Fashion keeps us on our toes right!