Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beautiful Bride

Happy Thursday friends!
Another wedding under my belt.  The bride was too cute.  She called to ask me if I bring my own makeup when I come that morning.  I love it.  She was like I never did this before.  Adorable.  Totally must of been having wedding jitters, where a thousand questions run through her head and she doesn't know if it is a dumb question or not.  I told her it was better to ask, then to keep wondering and stressing about it.  I love little stuff like this.

…and ugh….This Photo! Everyone needs a sparkler send off!

These sisters were total opposites and so perfect together.  Hanging out all morning and getting to know the families is really half the fun for me.  Stories upon stories all day.  I am so happy to be part of it all.