Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Choose a bronzer 3 to 4 shades darker than  your skin. It may seem drastic at first, but after blending you will have a contoured glow.

Start near the hairline, under the cheekbone.  This is where you want the majority of your product.  Work forward.  Then, start at the top of one side of your forehead temple area and make a "3" shape. 
In a sweeping motion start at : 1. Top of forehead temple to.. 
2. Underneath cheekbone moving to..
3. Under jawline, bringing excess down neck

Sweeping under jawline and down neck creates a slimming effect, I mean really…who doesn't want that.

Blending is the key!

badBarbara's favorite bronzer : gLo Sunkissed

 Even if it is placed in the wrong areas, it would be better to go without…eek

Bronzer all over is not a flattering look, no matter how much money you have…ahahaha


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  3. Bahaha, that last photo was really funny. I love how you bronzed yourself, looks really natural.

    Btw, I just tagged you on my blog!

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