Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nicco Marble - The next big thing

Hey friends!
Time for me to share something close to my musical brown soul!
Nicco Marble!!!

Nicco is a little musical genius!

He loves singing, dancing, drumming and making music.
I swear, since he was a little man, he has had an inner rhythm. I am so excited for him to come into the studio and do a little Justin's going to rule!
I am hoping that we can send it to Jimmy Fallon and get this talented boy started in his life's calling.

Check out this video from a few months back.

This is one of my favorites from when he was a little younger.

You can checkout other videos on YouTube!

Follow him on facebook!
This kids future is soooo bright!
PLUS he is a Packer Fan! Yah buddy


  1. Replies
    1. So true! I am trying to get him some recognition for his talents! It is truly his calling!

  2. Love! so super talented...he definitely has a bright future ahead :) with the cutest smile Just found your blog!
    happy new year! follow each other? already following you on GFC

  3. wow this baby is so talented *_* awesome!
    happy new year :) !

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