Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Favorites ~ The little chicks in my life

Happy Friday peoples!

Moving is coming along slowly but surely.  I must say that my friends are a hoot to live with.  A lot of music, positivity, sarcasm and love. I am honored to be in this home.

We had a snow day today! so I got to wake up and hang with this little cutie.  Full on conversation with nutella on her nose.   I was smiling inside and out..

My daughter comes home from college today for a little visit! gosh i miss that little chick.

Went to see a little concert last night...Nashville Pussy...ahahha vulgar name, but they rock it little roommate joined me.  I was like have to stand by the bear haha.

I need some boys with muscles and a truck for the rest of my move...hope that happens..cause little chicks can get the work done...but muscley boys get it done quicker :)


hehehe, I hope ya'll enjoy your weekend!


  1. Nice post :)


    Coline ♡