Thursday, November 29, 2012

K Sera Christmas Decor - Oribe

Oribe Christmas Presents!!! um, yes please!!

Christmas Time and the Weather is Fine!
Wisco weather is playin wicked games this year...cold...warm...freezing..warm...want to shank myself it is so bone chilling freaking 55 degrees this weekend...spring is here errrrrr what? The squirrels are fat so I think winter is coming, but then some green stuff grew in my that's weird...whatevs..Wisconsin weather will always keeping us guessing...or is the world ending? What! haha, I went there, yes I did

Anywho, we decorated at K Sera for the Holidays! yay! Feeling the Christmas spirit???? I'm kinda getting there...kinda...having money would help hehe
Check out some pics of our salon decor..... 
These are our front display windows! So fun!

Chuck full of our favorite ....ORIBE....the perfect gift for anyone with luxury taste.

Yup those are marshmallows haha!  Crafty chicks I tell ya

Loving the iridescent Christmas ornaments above the shampoo bowls!

They look like bubbles!

We always have fun and are kind of delusional tired when we get crafty...but it is all worth it...what's next? hmmmm Valentines Day? Cherubs with awesome hair, arrows, and lots of love...that sounds fun!

So, tomorrow I have throat surgery...gulp...this means I won't be sleeping much tonight..way to nervous..I will probably have a Friday post in before I hit the sack...probably..send me the positive vibes peeps!

this would be funny :)


  1. Such fantastic decorations. You are putting me in such a holiday mood.

  2. Great decorations!

    Thank you for your lovely respond, sorry for my delayed visit!

    Stop by soon!

  3. Que bonito han decorado todo. Felicidades. Gracias por compartir. Quiero invitarte a ver un shooting de Ropa Deportiva, No te lo pierdas. Besos y besos.

  4. omg, amazing decorations:)) can't wait for x-mas;)

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