Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Funday! Packers and Glitter Pumpkins

Packers win! yay!  Stressful game holy crapmoly, but in the was a win...boom. 
The little dude had a win too, he ending up making $30 parking cars today.  He loves to save money and watch his account grow, such a good quality that I wish I had....
We joined him in the front yard for his new entrepreneurship adventure. The weather was absolutely beautiful outside...definitely grounds for a lawn chair and ice cream :)
While we sat outside enjoying the day, we decided to glitter up a pumpkin! We found the glitter at a rummage sale for .25cents...couldn't resist a deal like that.  Apparently, good application is all in the stance..bahaha..oh my little guy cracks me up.

I am ready to get this month of October started! Little dude turns 7 in 2 weeks and my daughter will be visiting from college...reasons for celebration! Good bye September...hello October...and Halloween! yesssssss


  1. Definitely a fun day. Whoo is that glitter on that pumpkin? I need to do that.
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  2. That's awesome!! Glad you all enjoyed. The glitter on the pumpkin looks awesome, I like that :) My daughter's birthday is the 24th of this month and she's very excited. I hope your son has a super birthday and all of you enjoy the time your daughter comes home :) xx

  3. Glittering up the pmpkin looks like a lot of fun!!! Happy new month:)

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