Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oribe ~ Superhairo Contest!

The girls and I at K Será decided to enter the Oribe Superhairo Contest! Results don't come out until September 14th, wish us luck!  We decided that we are like superheros when it comes to making people feel great.  Armed with combs, lipstick, and an open heart, people leave our salon ready to take on the world! du du du dunnnn! Team K Será to the rescue!  Check out our pictures!

My favorite part are my girlfriends eyebrows...ahaha..they rule!
After taking these pictures, we decided to go out and have some fun...and we may have pretended to be in a band...hehe..perfect


  1. Lol! Looks like a good time :) Best of luck in the contest!



  2. great photos, you must have had a good time.. :-

  3. Hello there Barbara! You have an incredible blog, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.... it looks like you had an amazing time at that event!

    Hope we can keep in contact, Pablo from