Saturday, September 22, 2012

A little Milwaukee trip right quick

My daughter and her best friend started college a few weeks back, and we felt like it was time to make a day trip to visit those Independent Women!  Man we miss those kiddies. 
My son and I hitched a ride with my daughters friends father and we were off...we may have stopped to take gas station dress up pictures, keep it funky right
We picked up the girls from their dorm and took them out for lunch at a cute place called the Hotch spot.
We ordered an artichoke spinach dip to was sooooo super yummy and cozy in my belly.
 My son and I decided to split a bison burger...I thought I would give it a try...nope..not for me..squishy. pink, and not a texture or flavor of my liking at all..not even a little...i had one bite, which was large because it looked delish, but I really had a hard time choking it down....the fries were good though
I am glad that I ordered a cup of the tomato basil bisque, because it was very tasty and I would have been starving!
I just had to get a mocha from the little donut shop across the lot from the Hotch spot....and maybe some donuts...yah buddy
The little donuts are bite size and sooo perfect after a meal, we all split em...cause we can
 I may or may not have spilled in the backseat of the car...what a waste of whip cream...I confess nothing

We went to the mall then brought the girls grocery shopping.  College life is slim pickings, no stove..I couldn't live like that for a way...soooo, then it was time to take off and leave the ladies to be responsible adults once again...I may have had a mini mom breakdown, just for a minute
Happy weekend!


  1. Great photos!!!
    Mini donuts are so nice, and, I suppose, so yummy! *_*
    Miss your beautiful :))))
    Have a wonderful sunday!

  2. Great pics!!!!!

  3. Looks wonderful, all the food looks incredible. Am glad you had such a wonderful time x

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