Saturday, August 11, 2012

In love with Milwaukee

I have been spending a lot of time in Milwaukee over the last few years and I must say that I love it more and more with every visit.  A lot of coffee shops to hunker down in and catch up on my "Fifty Shades" reading....fresh juice and a read, great way to start the day!
After some reading and an OJ, I hit the town to see what else I could run into, hoping for a park actually...but then running into this! Glorious!!!!

So basically, this is how I spent the rest of my day! yay!

It's like vacation! ahhhhh

Check out this scrabble piece necklace I got at the church craft sale by my it!
After beach, it was time for some yummies and head home and back to reality ahaha...this delish Tuscan Grilled Chicken Sandwich and salad was only $7...gotta love lunch specials....mmmmmm

Milwaukee is great...I have been there at some concerts lately and have noticed that the baseball hat is coming back into fashion....not traditional, but full of color and pattern....I really like these!
I am more of a beanie hat kinda girl, but whatevs..those are always in style in Wisco!  I would like to wear a black beanie with these rad earrings!

Happy Weekend Friends! I have a girls night of debauchery tonight! So excited!!!!There will be a limo, wine, costumes, mullets, dancing, brews, and homies! yay!