Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Funday ~ White Chicken Chili

Happy Sunday!

I only had 1 gold shoes for about a happy to have the other one back...reunited...and it feels so good.
 I was doodling around with my nails while my girlfriend was getting ready, I call this one "my romantic nail"  he is so with me my love...mustache swagga
I woke up to the smell of white chicken chili being cooked by my little dude and hubby, turned on the a little Fifty Shades Darker...and relaxed...Sundays rule
I love how meticulous my hubby is when cooking...shred it!
So creamy, spicy and delicious....we eat this with Tostito Rounds for the perfect salt and crunch combo...yummmm
Tomorrow is hair day! wahoo! can't wait to get some color in these locks...I'm so faded.

fade..get it?..bahahaha


  1. thanks for your comment! that food looks delic!!


  2. Gorgeous nails!

  3. Wow your hubby cooks? Lucky you!
    I like your nails! Very creative!

  4. Mmm..that food looks amazing!! I hope you all enjoyed it!! My husband cooks as well, he even has his own recipes for things, haha!! Love the nails and I look forward to seeing the hair :))) Xx

  5. I love this post its so heartfelt and cute, the chili you have to share the recipe please! you have a wonderful family! thank u for the comment on my blog! It is actually called a mullet skirt! jajaja anyways I am your new follower I hope you like my blog and follow me too! love the Frank post! loved them! :))

  6. Cool pics! Now following!

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    Have a great week!

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