Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Product favorite ~ Oribe purse size sprays

If you are a girl on the go go go like me, then you will love the new Oribe purse size sprays! Finally! A travel size! They have the Dry Texturizing, Après Beach, Impermeable, and the Superfine hairspray.  Us K Será ladies each took one home this weekend to spread the buzz.  Doesn't take much, once you spray and someone catches a wiff.....hooked! yah buddy!

The dry was my favorite over this Memorial Day holiday. If I got sweaty or needed a little oooomph, just grab it from my purse and give it a spray. Perfection!


  1. Very cool. I like bottle small enough to go in my bag :) x

  2. Great blog! Would u like to follow each other?